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Mitsubishi 1.8 – 3.5 ton

Developed to help your operator achieve maximum gains, GRENDIA sets the highest of standards for engine powered forklifts. No other forklift includes so many advanced features in this range. That’s why GRENDIA is such great value for money. What’s more, its durable components, low-maintenance will continue to keep down the cost of forklift owning.

‘Green Diamond’ means green for environment; diamond for quality and reliability. Fast and exceptionally powerful, Mitsubishi  forklifts offer a big combination of high efficiency, low emissions and noise levels. Mitsubishi forklifts has added a host of features to maximise comfort, control. The result is a forklift that can be counted on to deliver top performance and value for money.


Grendia is fitted with an integrated active safety system designed to improve vehicle safety by actively detecting problems before they become accidents. It not only ensures safety during vehicle operation but also prevents errors when the operator is not seated.


Digital displays are used to provide monitoring of systems and controls. The digital gauges illuminates when the ignition is switched on allowing speed, load weight and system monitors to be checked easily.


The fork on the Mitsubishi Grendia is automatically locked when the ignition is switched off, so it remains in position even if the lift lever is accidently bumped.


The FG 18- 35 automatic speed limiter can be set to two levels – high and low for different operating conditions. Drivers can change between the two speeds, for best fuel efficiency for the location.


A Neutral Safety device prevents the engine from starting unless the transmission lever is in neutral is now on all vehicles including all torque converter vehicles.


All Mitsubishi Grendias are fitted with rear  lamps above the head guard that signals braking or stopping action of the forklift.


Mitsubishi Grendias are made with a low center of gravity that optimises vehicle balance during lifting. That means a greater load capacity with much greater stability.

 Lifting speeds

  • Lift speed: 640mm/s (when loaded)
  • 660 mm/s (when not loaded) * FGE25ZN
  • No capacity duration up to a height of 4 meters (2-stage mast).

Mitsubishi Grendia has a soft landing hydraulic system that activates when the fork nears the ground, preventing loads from hard drops or shocks.


The high power engine and the high performance transmission are perfectly matched to produce an extremely smooth acceleration as well as excellent uphill acceleration . Excellent braking and stopping control is provided by a robust hydraulic system.

Tight turns are easy with the Mitsubishi thanks to a fully hydraulic power steering fitted with steering synchronizer for 100% stationary steering. Its manoeuvrability allows for easy and tight turns in workplaces.


  1. Suspension seat 
  2. Electric shift lever 
  3. Acrylic roof
  4. Tiltable steering column.
  5. Fully hydraulic power steering for great  manoeuvrability 
  6. Inching pedal for full lifting speed
  7. Switches in accesable places
  8. Combination switch for easy operator use.
  9. Power- train full floating structure  to prevent vibration through out the machine.

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