A quality forklift is one of the most invaluable pieces of equipment a business can have, whether you require material handling machinery for a warehouse or factory floor. As important as reliable forklifts in Bunbury and Perth can be, they can be an expensive purchase for many companies.


Finding premium used forklifts for sale in Perth is the perfect solution. Investing in sturdy forklifts from experienced suppliers like Forkwest means accessing top-of-the-line units at affordable prices; the following guide outlines key considerations to make when purchasing a used forklift.

1. Why do you need used forklifts in Perth?

Start by determining what the main purpose of your forklift will be, as this helps clarify which make and model best meets your specific requirements. Whether you need forklifts in Bunbury or Perth for lifting heavy pallets or for shifting stock in tight areas, industry experts at Forkwest can advise on the best choice for your operation.

2. Did it complete a successful test drive?

When looking at quality fleets of used forklifts for sale in Bunbury and Perth, it’s imperative to test out the equipment before making a purchase. Going for a test drive is key to making sure it operates as advertised, be sure you or your colleague are qualified to do so.


Take a drive on a clean surface, and trial out brakes, steering, lifting, and more to ensure there are no issues. A key tip is checking whether the engine starts cold, if not this can indicate some mechanical issues are at play. 

3. Have you carried out a visual inspection of forklifts in Perth?

This may sound obvious, but don’t skip any steps when carrying out your visual inspection of used forklifts for sale in Bunbury or Perth. It’s imperative to check for any signs of damage or disrepair before signing a purchase form, from general wear and tear to fluid leaks and unstable forks. 

While reputable suppliers like Forkwest will be upfront about the machinery’s condition, not all providers will be so honest. If you’re considering buying an electrical model, be sure to also inspect the battery and charger.

4. Check the rating plate and hour metre

When investing in expensive used machinery you naturally expect it to have a long lifespan, so looking at the hour metre is an essential step. This lets you know how many hours second-hand forklifts in Bunbury or Perth have been used for, and the rating plate shows what the equipment is capable of lifting. 

5. Has the warranty been reviewed? 

Read through the warranty information carefully, as this document will safeguard you should the forklift not operate as expected. When looking at used forklifts for sale in Perth a clear warranty  can protect you against a poor investment, so take into account the length of the warranty period for total peace of mind. 

Reliable used forklifts for sale in Perth

Forkwest is a highly experienced provider of new and used forklifts for sale in Bunbury and Perth, operating as leading suppliers for a wide range of key industries in WA. By offering only quality brands thoroughly checked by knowledgeable forklift technicians, you can rely on premium equipment and reliable customer service. 


Browse Forkwest’s impressive range of used forklifts in Perth online now, or contact the helpful team today with any queries.