Reliable forklifts are the backbone of warehouses, factories, and shipping centres. To get the job done faster it may be tempting to increase the weight your forklift can carry by altering its load capacity, but this is not a part of responsible forklift servicing in Perth.

Quality forklifts can last for decades with correct usage and professional forklifts parts and service for regular maintenance. Altering forklifts, rather than using one with the appropriate capacity, comes with many risks for both the business and its employees

Discover all you need to know about increasing forklift capacity, and how efficient forklift rental in Perth could be the safe solution your business needs. 

What is load capacity, and can you increase it?

The load capacity of a forklift is the answer to the question ‘how much can this forklift lift?’. Forklift capacity covers both the rated load capacity (the max theoretical weight it can lift) and the actual load capacity (what it can lift in reality).

Factors that affect this lifting capacity include lifting height, load length, load distribution, attachments, tires, terrain, fork wear, and more. The higher your forklift lifts the lower its capacity will be, so altering the capacity is a dangerous move.

The pros and cons of changing forklift capacity

When looking for the right forklift for sale in Perth do not rely on changing its load capacity in the future. Rather, finding a range of used forklifts for sale in Perth with various forklifts parts and service capacities to create a high-functioning fleet is a safer long-term investment.


The only pro of changing forklift capacity is enabling it to carry more weight, but rather than increasing efficiency it brings many risks. 


There are three main cons to changing capacity over finding suitable forklift hire in Perth; forklifts can tip over and cause harm, forklift damage can occur (broken forks, stressed hydraulics, and more), and it’s illegal to modify forklift lifting capacity without manufacturer approval. 

Risks of forklift tip-overs

Avoid the dangers of forklift tip-overs by purchasing a suitable forklift for sale in WA,

  • Workers can be seriously injured or killed
  • The forklift could fall on someone and injure them 
  • The load can be destroyed, costing plenty of money
  • Property damage can occur
  • The forklift itself can become irreparably broken 

How reliable forklift hire in Perth WA can help

Acquiring a reliable forklifts hire in Perth that’s under your maximum required load capacity is the safe and legal way to use forklift vehicles.

Choosing to buy new equipment or utilise short or long-term forklift hire in Perth WA is a great way to access the modification you need, securely moving goods with the right material handling equipment for the job.

Access superior forklift servicing in Perth with Forkwest

Forkwest Forklift is a leading provider of quality new and used forklifts for sale in Perth, supplying premium brands like Yale and Merlo to each valued client. 

A comprehensive range of forklift repairs and servicing are available, from preventative maintenance and urgent repairs to engine diagnostics, transmission services, part replacements, and much more. 

Browse the extensive range of new forklifts for sale and used forklifts for sale in Perth now, or get in touch with the helpful team at Forkwest with any queries about forklifts for sale in WA.