Not everyone is familiar with an electric forklift. Those working in the heavy machinery industry, however, cannot do without a forklift truck powered by an electric motor. The electric forklift doesn’t use internal combustion. An electric forklift often uses rechargeable batteries instead, which means it is more efficient and less polluting. If an electric forklift doesn’t use chargeable batteries, it could be using other external sources of power such as rail or wire etc. It serves the same purpose as any other forklift truck – transport material over short distances while lifting them powerfully using a pair of power operated horizontal forks.

Electric Forklifts Perth

If you are looking for electric forklifts in Perth, you must carefully consider the forklifts Perth buyer guidelines before making a decision to purchase. Here’s what you should consider.

The reputation of the Company

The reputation of the company is of critical importance because you are entering into a long-term relationship with the seller. Some questions to ask are –

  • How old is the company?
  • Do they have industry certifications?
  • Do they provide after-sales service?
  • What other products do they sell?
  • Do they have accessories, fitments?

For instance, Forkwest, a 33-year-old company with a strong industry reputation, manufactures a wide range of equipment other than electric forklifts. These include attachments, electric reach trucks, electric stackers, general forklifts, heavy-duty lifting equipment, pallet movers, reach stackers, Schaffer Attachments, Schaffer loaders, Sweeper, Telehandlers, Trailers, and Walk-Behind Stackers. Hiring, Service and Parts are also available on-site. Whether you are looking for new or old equipment, including forklifts, you will find everything under the roof. 

Buy or Rent

Your seller must be ready to rent the forklifts. The renting option should be for both long and short terms. During this time, you get a chance to examine and evaluate the quality of the product before you decide to buy it for your permanent needs.

New or Old

A reputed seller knows the needs of their customers. They should be ready to cater to them no matter their circumstances and needs. In other words, whether you want an old forklift or a new electric forklift, the seller should make both of these options available to you.

Services and Repairs

You would want your machines to run optimally without a breakdown. However, in case of an unfortunate event of the machine breakdown, productivity suffers. This should not happen to you, provided your seller has the best reputation on the market. The company’s team of experts, including their engineers and mechanics, should be available 24×7 to identify and address issues. The company’s focus should be on minimizing your downtime.

You may ask two sets of questions before buying a forklift. We discussed the business-based questions to ask above. Here are some more questions to ask. These questions are product-based questions.

  • Do you prefer an electric or internal combustion-based engine?
  • Is the forklift needed for indoor or outdoor tasks?
  • Will you need a three-wheeled or a rider model? A three-wheeled forklift is suitable for a narrow aisle.
  • How many hours a day/week will you need it? For less intense tasks, a used forklift can serve well.
  • What weight and what height can the forklift work? The forklift capacity should be more than the highest weight your task has and should also lift to your maximum needed height.

If loading and unloading from trailers, the forklift must be designed to work in tight areas. With these factors in mind, you’ll be able to make a decision more quickly.