Many businesses discover over time just how useful a forklift can be. Able to carry from 1,000 kg to 50,000 kg, forklifts can be used to shift cargo or stock, unload trucks and containers, and clear construction sites.

However, not everyone needs, or can afford, a brand new forklift, especially if not needed full time. Finding quality used forklifts for sale in Perth can be an efficient way to save money, while getting the job done.

Once you’ve determined the fuel type (diesel, electric, or LPG?), tire fit (rough terrain, or non-marking rubber?), and lifting capacity, your search can begin in earnest. Read on for what to look out for when looking for a forklift for sale WA.

Start with the forks

Carry out a thorough inspection of each forklift for sale Perth, starting with the front forks. Look for signs of wear; minor distortions can be straightened but serious cracks or bends make the forklift unsafe for use with heavy loads. Forks are worn if the blade thickness doesn’t match the width of the upright fork shank. Check the mast pins are secure, and cylinders have no leaks.

Inspect mast and lift chains

Next, look for any cracks or marks on the mast as they signal welding repairs which can affect the structural integrity of used forklifts for sale Perth. Missing chain links can also affect performance safety, so take a close look. Have the mast lifted high to check for jerky movements, indicating a chain issue or worn mast rollers.

Review engine and battery

Just like a used car, it’s important to test the engine of any forklift for sale in Perth WA. Start the engine, and after a few minutes open the lid and inspect it for any cracks on the hoses, leaks or malfunctions, and low liquids (engine oil, brake and transmission fluid). To help determine remaining battery life, ask how long the existing one has been in use; standard batteries last around 5 years.

Check tyre tread

While it’s always possible to replace worn tyres, they can be an indicator of the overall quality of a forklift for sale Perth. Highly worn treads can affect performance and compromise safety, making it imperative they’re replaced immediately. You can ask the seller to replace them, or ask for a price reduction to compensate.

Cab safety inspection

Carrying out an overall safety check is a vital step, with any damage to overhead guards and frames indicating possible forklift weakness. Get in the cab and visually check all safety features are intact – seatbelts, seat movement, horn, lights, brakes, and all switches and levers.

Quality forklifts from Fork West

Knowing what to look for when inspecting used forklifts for sale Perth can result in a fantastic deal on a perfectly good forklift for your business. In order to guarantee quality, it’s important to buy from a trusted, experienced dealership and not an unknown person.

As experienced forklift providers, the team at Fork West are prepared to guide you through inspections of used forklifts for sale Perth, answering any questions you might have. For more information on our extensive range of forklifts for sale, or any other services, please get in touch today.