Consider this – if you’re an employer looking at potential employees for a new job, would you select the licenced candidate or someone you had to train up? The answer is, of course, the fully certified applicant.


In today’s competitive job market the best way to stand out from the crowd is by having sought-after licences in place, like a forklift ticket in Perth, before applying for a new role. The more certified you are the higher your chances of securing a job, with this expanded skill set enabling you to widen your search to more industries than ever. 


Read on to learn why it pays to be proactive about training, and how a forklift licence can help you get hired. 

Developing the right skills for a new role

The last few years have provided some challenges to Australia’s economy, but despite several global disruptions the job market has continued to steadily grow. Key industries like transport, logistics, and warehousing are busier than ever, making a forklift licence in Perth one of the most sought-after qualifications job applicants can have. 


Rather than waiting for a great role to fall on your lap, being proactive about expanding your skill set shows employers you have the right attitude while being fully prepared to start work immediately. 

Stand out in a competitive market with a forklift licence in Perth

With a booming job market and a competitive pool of employees, it’s imperative to add key licences like a forklift ticket in Perth to your belt. OHS regulations stipulate all forklift drivers have to complete an approved training course before operating new forklifts or used forklifts , and this licence is recognised in all Australian states.


With accessible 2-day courses for new candidates, as well as 1-day options for experienced operators looking to renew their skills, there’s no excuse not to acquire a sought-after forklift licence and get hired. From learning how to carry out routine checks and plan work to shifting heavy loads and securing forklift trucks, each skill is highly applicable to many lucrative roles across leading WA industries. 

Access Australia’s fastest-growing industries

The significant projected growth of the logistics and transport sectors, and an ageing employee pool, means there has never been a better time for young workers to get a foot in the door and start a lucrative career. From a booming online shopping (eCommerce) market to an expansive exporting industry, employment in the postal and warehousing sectors has also continued to expand, with projected growth of 6.1% by 2026.


This makes holding an approved forklift licence in Perth a no-brainer when looking for a successful, long-term career in any of these lucrative sectors. Gaining valuable hands-on experience will help you move up the career ladder, whether within busy warehouses or large transport docks. 

Quality machinery for use with a forklift licence in Perth

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