All experts will tell you it’s advisable to carry out daily inspections of your forklift for continued safe usage. But while pre-start checklists are a practical way to ensure the longevity of your machinery, there is no replacement for a regular service carried out by experts in forklift servicing Perth.

Typically recommended at least every 6 months (approximately 250 hours of use), a thorough service may be required sooner if potential issues are noticed during daily inspections. The following guide highlights key signs your forklift requires professional maintenance.


Damage to the chain

A high-functioning chain is essential to effective forklift operation, making signs of corrosion, rust, or kinks a valid reason to procure an immediate service. Forklift chains are highly durable; able to endure thousands of hours of use before needing replacement. However, should essential chain maintenance or inspection be delayed, it can fail and cause inherent damage to both forklift and the load it is carrying. 

Scan for wear on the length of the chain, as well as on the pinheads and link plates, as this can indicate your forklift needs expert servicing, or premium forklift parts Perth.

Worn or distorted forks 

The forks on your equipment are essential for safe transport of heavy, bulky loads. With consistent use, forks can become bent or worn, risking the safe movement of each item as well as the safety of forklift operators and other employees.

Should fork distorten be ignored, the potential of damaging loads increases over time, making it essential to take forklifts with damaged or cracked forks out of use until professional maintenance is carried out.


Oil leakage

Just like with other vehicles, a visible oil leak detected on the ground underneath your forklift requires a service immediately. As well as creating potential slip and fall hazards for employees and customers, this oil leak means inner forklift components aren’t receiving the required level of lubrication to function safely.

Oil is essential to allow the moving parts within your forklift to operate smoothly, without increased friction or grinding. Putting off forklift servicing Perth for an oil leak can result in the engine seizing, should the oil dry out completely.


Poor battery performance

Should a fully charged forklift battery not last as long as it should, this is a likely indication professional maintenance is required. Be aware of how long the battery is lasting, and take care to recharge it before it is fully depleted, as well as checking if it has enough water. 

Vehicle batteries don’t last forever, so it’s an important part of forklift maintenance to book in a service with experts in forklift servicing in Perth when signs of poor battery performance are noticed.


Quality of service with Fork West

As leading experts in all areas forklift supply, repair, and maintenance here in Perth, Fork West are best placed to advise on any forklift issues, as well as carry out essential services to bring your essential equipment back to prime operational levels of use in minimal time.

We supply only quality forklift parts in Perth, and with a mobile service team to complement our extensively equipped workshop, Fork West is fully prepared to assist with all minor and major servicing needs. Get in touch today for any queries or quotes.