A suitable forklift can transform the efficiency and productivity of any team. By easily shifting bulky cargo, aided by an extensive reach and impressive lifting power, forklifts are the ultimate piece of work equipment for many leading WA industries; from warehousing and logistics to shipping and construction.

Finding the best provider for forklift hire in Perth is therefore highly important for your business, affecting your employee performance and stock management, as well as all-important costs of operation.

Learn more about the importance of finding the right forklift for your needs, and how Forkwest’s extensive industry experience can help.


Advantages to forklift hire in Perth 

Many companies have discovered the unbeatable efficiency of forklifts during busy periods, or throughout specific projects needing reliable lifting and moving power. Requiring a forklift for only limited times during the financial year can be a struggle, as no business wants to invest in a piece of machinery that won’t be used full-time. 

This makes quality forklift rental in Perth a huge asset, with premium forklifts available for hire from the specialists at Forkwest on terms that suit your distinct needs. Paying for the use of a forklift only when you truly need it saves vital capital, and removes costs like storage and maintenance that come with owning this equipment. 


Choosing the right forklift rental in Perth for your needs 

The flexibility that comes with knowledgeable forklift hire in Perth, WA, is impressive, with each customer choosing the forklift size and capacity they need for either short-term or long-term rentals. There are several key factors to determine when selecting forklift rentals:

Capacity / load size

Knowing your requirements for maximum lift capacity is key: clarify your typical stock and its load weight, as well as the maximum capacity and width required from your forklift rental to ensure your forklift hire has the right fork size and attachments needed to complete your workload.

Environment / tyres

Suitable tires and fuel are needed to work for your surface environment, as Forkwest will recommend different forklifts for indoor vs outdoor use, and rough vs smooth terrain. Options for tires include solid or pneumatic, as well as cushioned and non-marking options to suit specific environments. 

Height restrictions

Clarify whether you have a maximum height you need your forklift rental to reach, or whether you have low entryways, ceilings, lights, or beams that need to be catered to, so your business can increase productivity with ideal lift height. 

Fuel type 

Quality providers of forklift hire will offer multiple fuel types to suit your unique needs; electric, diesel, or gas. 


Electric forklifts have higher rental costs but save money on fuel, with impressive life spans, no emissions, and a quiet operation, making them ideal for indoor use.


Gas and diesel forklifts are reliable and cost-effective, capable of transporting heavy loads in a short amount of time; ideal for extensive or outdoor usage.


Knowledgeable forklift hire in Perth, WA

Working with an experienced provider of forklift rental in Perth is a wise choice when investing valuable capital in machinery that will get plenty of use. Forkwest’ impressive selection of forklifts for rent has a format and capacity to suit any need, and each highly-trained team member is on hand to advise and recommend the best forklift for your specific requirements.


Striving for complete customer satisfaction has provided us with an impressive repeat custom; whether you’re looking for premium forklifts for hire, a new fleet of forklifts, or a used forklifts to add to your business, you can rely on the honesty and experience of Forkwest.



Work with complete confidence thanks to reliable forklift hire in Perth, WA, with Forkwest – the leading provider of top quality branded forklifts for rent or purchase to prominent local industries. 

Contact us today with any queries, or browse the impressive range of forklift rentals in Perth online now.