Forklifts are an irreplaceable part of many businesses, thanks to their canny ability to shift heavy objects and bulky items with ease. Quality forklifts Perth adds immense value to local businesses, but come with their own set of risks.


Where you operate gas or electric forklifts Perth accidents can occur, making it imperative to understand how to safely work with this handy form of machinery. Using the long standing experience of ForkWest employees, we’ve created a guide to prevent hazardous incidents and keep employees safe when working with forklifts in Bunbury to Broome.


Main risks involved

Forklifts WA are created to be compact, and straightforward to maneuver, risks come into play when heavy loads are involved. Key dangers to be aware of are:


  • Wrong use of brakes causing imbalance
  • Tipping over from an uneven load, or fast speed
  • Injury to workers from incorrect forklift operation, such as sprains to neck or arms.


The value of safety training

While there are multiple valuable safety tips to learn when operating forklifts Perth, the most important element is ensuring all staff are thoroughly trained. Whether your company has one forklift or runs a fleet of Merlo forklifts Perth, the only way to guarantee the safety of workers, visitors, and nearby pedestrians, is keeping all employees fully trained while keeping a strict traffic management plan in place.


Top safety tips

It’s straightforward to maintain a safe work environment with quality forklifts WA once you abide by a few simple rules:


  • Adhere to speed limits, and slow down at crossings.
  • Check brakes are applied when loading a forklift onto another vehicle.
  • Only licensed staff can operate forklifts WA.
  • All staff must wear well-fitted seat belts.
  • Never operate gas or electric forklifts Perth when tired or under the influence.
  • Only use forklifts Bunbury for their intended purpose.
  • Closely follow all specifications of the manufacturer during use.


Regular maintenance is key

Closely following safety tips is important to consider when looking for a forklift for sale WA, but regular maintenance and careful upkeep is just as valuable. Only qualified persons should carry out inspections and repairs, and have knowledge specific to your brand, for example Yale forklifts Perth.


Regardless of whether you’re considering purchasing new or used forklifts for sale Perth from an experienced provider, speak to their qualified inspectors about receiving quality maintenance on a regular basis. As well as keeping your machinery running better for longer, you’ll ensure the safety of each valued employee.


Discover the best new and used forklifts for sale Perth

Invest in your machinery and work with the highly qualified team at ForkWest for all forklift services, from regular inspections to urgent repairs. As long-standing suppliers of premium forklifts for sale WA and dependable maintenance, you can trust our expert team to keep you and your employees safe when it comes to forklift operation.


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