Determining that you need a new forklift for your business is only the first step of acquiring the right piece of machinery for your operations. As well as deciding on the ideal make and model, and figuring out the exact needs and requirements you have for a forklift, you need to decide whether to rent, lease, or buy.


With plenty of options for forklift rental Perth, as well as premium forklifts for sale Perth WA, there is something available at Forkwest to suit all needs. Read on to learn the pros of hiring vs buying, and how to figure the best choice for you.



Forklift rental Perth is a temporary agreement where you hire a quality forklift for a predetermined rental period. Key benefits for forklift hire Perth, WA, are flexibility in choice of forklift and time of rental, minimal finance requirements with no substantial payments upfront, and no costs for ongoing maintenance.


If it’s likely you will only use your forklift for a short, condensed period of time – a few weeks or a month – then Perth forklift rental is likely the best option for your needs.



Leasing a forklift is one of the most popular options for forklift hire Perth, sitting between renting short time and purchasing one outright. Having predetermined costs that are typically lower than short term renting, and less upfront payments than purchasing, make this a suitable business choice for many companies. 


With access to premium models and minimal maintenance costs, leasing could be the best option should you require regular and consistent use of a forklift, but like to keep your options open to replace machinery with newer models when it suits. 



Choosing to buy a premium forklift for sale Perth may require upfront costs, but the significant upside is owning your forklift outright with no ongoing expenses. While purchasing is not an option for everyone, it’s worth considering should you need one for regular, heavy-duty work that’s likely to continue for a few years.


The return on investment from buying a durable forklift for sale Perth makes it a great long-term choice, as you can sell it to recoup costs at any point, while benefiting from related tax deductions.


Premium used forklifts for sale Perth 

If you want the peace of mind of owning your own forklift, but the costs of a new model aren’t in your budget, consider buying quality used forklifts for sale Perth. Owning a forklift is the practical option for those carrying out tough work that’s likely to incur wear and tear to the machinery. If renting or leasing, this can be labelled damage that requires an out of pocket cost .


Selecting the right forklift for sale WA to suit your needs can be a great choice for building an existing fleet, and a second hand version of the same model as your existing forklifts means less training and easier maintenance.


Quality forklift hire Perth

Whether you’re set on forklift hire Perth, or are looking at a forklift for sale WA, speak to the experts at Forkwest Forklift about the best options for your particular business needs. As Perth’s forklift specialists, we provide premium brand forklifts for rent or purchase.

To learn more about forklift hire Perth WA, or to enquire about quality used forklifts for sale Perth, get in touch today.