From warehouses and construction sites, to shipping yards and distribution centres, a wealth of industries rely on forklifts for many uses. While purchasing a fleet is the right move for some business, often a forklift is only required temporarily for material handling.


In these cases, reliable forklift hire Perth from the experts at Forkwest is your best option. As well as avoiding spending large quantities for maintenance and storage, hiring allows you to pay only for the time you need the forklift, saving valuable capital for use elsewhere.


Whether you need quality machinery for a short time, or for the duration of a long term project, read on to discover some of the many advantages of hiring a forklift.


No upfront cost

From a financial perspective, it doesn’t make sense to heavily invest in expensive assets that you only use occasionally, or require for a limited amount of time. The upfront cost of buying a new forklift is not meagre, and is simply not an option for many companies. Forklift rental in Perth gives you all the benefits of owning a forklift, with none of the expenses.


Lots of flexibility 

There are many different reasons why you might require a forklift at work, and these requirements tend to change depending on the project at hand. Once you buy a forklift you’re stuck with those weight restrictions, but choosing forklift hire Perth WA from industry experts means complete flexibility around which specifications, brands, and number of industrial vehicles you require at that time.


Zero maintenance cost

While running a fleet of forklifts is necessary for some industries, the cost of ongoing maintenance makes it impossible for others. Selecting premium forklift hire Perth covers the costs of breakdowns and regular maintenance, relieving both the stress and price tag that comes with purchasing a forklift over renting one.


Efficient replacements

One of the biggest downsides to owning your machinery is the responsibility of repairing them, after damage or a breakdown, lies solely with you. However, if you opt for reliable forklift hire Perth WA and the rented vehicle stops working, Forkwest provides an immediate replacement. As well as covering repair costs, it means you won’t lose out on the time, labour, and reduced productivity that affect a business when their machinery is damaged.


Perfect for tax deductions

The payments used for forklift hire Perth can be tax deductible, thanks to their status as an expense related to operations. This makes them a smart financial decision as well as a practical choice for flexible work activities. Renting forklifts over owning them means no calculation of depreciation schedules or related issues come tax time.


Reliable forklift rental Perth

For premium quality machinery in an affordable solution, Forkwest are the leading supplier of reliable forklift hire Perth, WA. With an impressive range of forklifts for rent by globally renowned brands, our experienced team is on hand to find you the perfect equipment for your specific requirements. 

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