Selling a piece of valuable machinery for the first time can be stressful. Everyone wants the best possible price for their quality used forklifts for sale in Perth, but what can you do to ensure a great sale to a qualified buyer?

With nearly 30 years of experience, the forklift experts at Forkwest are happy to share their industry knowledge and niche tips to help you sell used forklifts in Perth quickly, with minimal hassle, and for a competitive price.

1. Know the value of your forklift for sale in WA

The first step to selling your petrol, diesel, LPG, or electric forklifts in Perth is determining how much they’re worth. Just like any other valuable equipment or vehicle, multiple factors will clarify their value:

  • Fuel type
  • Tire type
  • Capacity
  • Hydraulics
  • Extra features
  • The year
  • Usage amount
  • Overall condition
  • Supply and demand

2. Research the competition

Once you have made a note of each of the key factors influencing the value of your forklifts in Bunbury or Perth, the most effective and efficient way to determine the price is by researching the competition.

Look at adverts of forklifts for sale in nearby areas, and hone in on similar models, ages, and capacities to your used forklift. This will greatly help select a competitive price that matches what’s on the market, and how much customers are willing to pay. 

3. Clearly describe clearly the forklifts for sale

Customers can be impatient audiences. Failing to clearly outline all critical features of the gas or electric forklifts in Perth you have for sale often leads to buyers making another purchase rather than waiting for clarification. 

To stand out from the competition, be sure to carefully detail essential areas like the model, year, make, capacity, fuel and tire type, and any other extra features or accessories. 

4. Use photos to display quality

People are visual creatures at heart. Without multiple clear images of the forklift for sale, likely, potential buyers will simply move on to other available Yale or Merlo forklifts in Perth.

Whether you’re looking to make an online sale or work with experienced forklift dealers, it’s important to have high-resolution images from both a distance and close-up (particularly the forks, mast, tires, serial number, and the operator’s seat and seatbelt.

5. Promote the used forklifts for sale in Perth online

Fast sales of quality forklifts in Bunbury and Perth often occur online with the help of organic and paid promotions. From free websites and social media platforms to ‘paid for’ sale catalogues, there are multiple proactive means to promote your forklift for sale in WA

6. Sell your forklifts to an experienced, reputable dealer

Knowledgeable dealers can ensure a fast sale process with highly competitive prices, especially for renowned brands like Merlo or Yale forklifts in Perth. Selling to a knowledgeable forklift dealer such as Forkwest, operating since 1996, provides all-important peace of mind with minimal hassle.

If you’re looking to replace your old forklift, dealers can also help with quality options for you.

Buy and sell quality forklifts in Perth at Forkwest 

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