Forklifts are a great long-term investment, but will your business benefit more from buying new models or looking to hire a forklift in Perth? From warehouses and factories to construction and transport, forklifts can be an essential part of daily operations making owning a fleet of high-functioning forklifts a valuable investment. 

Business owners are naturally focused on ROI, so choosing between buying or renting gas/LPG/electric forklifts in Perth is an important decision. 

Read on to learn the benefits of owning forklifts compared to hiring, and how to find the right piece of machinery for the job.

The advantages of buying forklifts in Perth

Your unique business needs will determine whether buying or hiring forklifts in WA is the best choice. As well as considering make, model, lift capacity, tire type, and more, the right forklift should meet the daily demands of your company  – particularly when based in a remote or difficult-to-access location. 

Discover worthwhile reasons to consider buying forklifts in Bunbury or Perth versus renting:

Flexible usage

The ability to use your forklift at any time is an extremely important aspect in many industries, saving you the time and effort of sourcing the right forklift to rent every time. Rental companies will close on certain days, and owning a forklift means there’s no time limit on usage. 

If brand new forklifts are out of budget, consider looking for quality used forklifts for sale in Perth

Own customised forklifts in WA

Finding the perfect forklift for sale in WA to suit your needs can go a long way to improving daily operations and increasing productivity. Purchasing superior Yale and Merlo forklifts in Perth means you can build a complete fleet of machinery, making maintenance easier and ensuring the right machine for the job is close at hand for any specialised work. 

A safer fleet

While the owner of gas or electric forklifts in Perth is responsible for the cost of their upkeep and repairs, it also means a safe and high-functioning fleet is ensured. Safety standards are a high priority with forklifts, and rented models sourced from unreliable providers may have incurred unknown damage that impacts their reliability.

Save money on renting forklifts in Bunbury

Any business that regularly uses forklifts in Perth should consider investing in its own fleet. While renting forklifts is a highly versatile and accessible option for short-term or one-off requirements, the cost of hiring can quickly become more expensive over time than a one-time purchase.

Great return on investment

Opting to purchase renowned brands such as Merlo or Yale forklifts in Perth means investing in long-term functionality and success. Choosing to hire a forklift in Perth removes the opportunity to regain the money spent, but owning a forklift that meets your demands allows you to achieve a higher ROI. 

Quality new and used forklifts for sale in Perth

Forkwest is a leading provider of premium forklifts for sale in WA, supplying only top reliable brands to our valued customer base like Yale or Merlo forklifts in Perth. With forklifts available for purchase and rental, you can find the ideal equipment to suit your business needs and budget. 

Browse the range of quality Merlo or Yale forklifts in Perth for sale online now, or get in touch today with any queries about buying new or used forklifts from Forkwest.