Figuring out the best time to sell your forklift is a smart business decision, as holding onto it for too long, or passing it off while you still need it, is risky. Placing your used forklifts for sale Perth at the right time, however, can not only garner extra cash, but open up space for new, high functioning machinery

There are multiple key factors that can influence when the right time to sell forklifts in Perth is, and each depends on your specific forklifts, and the use they get within your business. The following guide outlines some important reasons to consider selling your forklifts.


Wear and tear

Even forklifts purchased on the lower end of the scale are incredibly durable pieces of machinery. However, given all the valuable use and mileage most working forklifts endure each year, it’s understandable they all eventually reach their limits.

Whether you own gas or electric forklifts in Perth, there may come a time when the general wear and tear causes irreversible damage, or increases maintenance costs to the point of being unsustainable. Selling your old forklifts at this point can be the best decision, allowing you to recuperate investment costs and financially prepare for a new forklift purchase


Costly maintenance

Consistent upkeep of machinery is an essential part of making sure you have high-functioning forklifts WA. Keeping track of this maintenance is then key to determining whether to sell, or keep repairing a forklift that is consistently out of commission.

Finding the right parts for broken forklifts in Bunbury and through WA can be expensive, and costly. Even if you are making major repairs, if you find you’re spending more time fixing than using your forklifts, it may be time to sell.


Production changes 

Analysing your business needs as your company grows and develops is important, as it allows for clear evaluation of whether you need to boost your forklift fleet to keep up with demand, or reduce the size due to a financial dip by placing used forklifts for sale WA.


Worthwhile upgrades 

In certain cases, the growth of a business can mean it’s time to upgrade machinery to newer, more efficient models. Improved technology has created forklifts with automation and other forms of high functionality, making it a smart business move in some cases to upgrade your fleet.

Purchasing new Merlo forklifts Perth can mean enhanced product handling processes, without increasing fleet numbers. Selling used forklifts to make space for technologically advanced models like Yale forklifts Perth with improved capacity can be financially beneficial, as a reliable and worthwhile investment.


Quality forklifts for sale WA

As long-standing leading providers of both premium new forklifts and used forklifts of caliber here in Perth, ForkWest are the dependable choice when it comes to buying or selling your forklift. Competitive both with quality of service and price, our wide range of reliable pieces of machinery include something to suit all requirements. 

Speak to a friendly member of our team today with any queries around a forklift for sale WA, or to discuss a quote for selling used forklifts Perth.