Forklifts are the backbone of manufacturing and warehousing industries. With powerful abilities to handle heavy objects and manoeuvre bulky items, having the right type of forklift to hand is essential for efficient (and safe) daily operations.


Determining the best type of forklift for your needs is vital when choosing premium new or used forklifts for sale Perth, to positively impact key areas – from productivity and inventory management, to financials and ROI. Read on to determine which is the best forklift for sale Perth, to revolutionise your business and increase overall efficiency.


Determine your business criteria

In order to find the best forklift for sale WA for your needs, first figure out key details of your work environment. Work site specifics such as terrain, high constraints, space accessibility, and whether you operate indoors or outdoors, will impact which forklift is right for your company.


Whether you’re looking at forklift hire Perth for a short-term project, or require new forklifts to replace worn machinery in your well-used fleet, it’s vital to consider which specifics best apply to your business needs.


Key areas of consideration

Choosing the right category of machinery to purchase or obtain through forklift rental Perth is essential for getting the most out of your investment. As well as choosing between gas, diesel, and electric forklifts, consider criteria around carrying capacity, type of motor, lifting height, and more.

Lifting capacity

Choosing the best lifting capacity for your needs means determining what exactly your forklift will have the handle, including the average and heaviest load weights it will experience, as well as the typical object dimensions. Bear in mind longer forks mean lower lifting heights.


The scale of the warehouse of space in which your forklift will be operating is key to choosing the best fit for your needs. Determine how high the forks will need to reach before choosing a new purchase, or quality forklift hire Perth WA.

Motor type

For indoor needs, electric motor forklifts are compact and easy to maintain. Combustion engines such as diesel, LPG, and gas are best for outdoor work spaces, thanks to their reliability and high capacities.


Determining your load requirements and typical terrain will help you choose between three-wheel or four-wheel forklifts. Three-wheel variants are typically cheaper and more flexible, but can manage lower loads. Four-wheel forklifts are suited to rougher terrains and have higher load capacities, but tend to be more expensive.


Types of forklifts

With plenty of options to choose between for a new or used forklift for sale Perth, as well as reliable forklift hire Perth, it’s straightforward to find the best fit once you have determined your key requirements.


Consider a speedy forklift picker for handling and stacking, particularly for indoor warehouses, or choose an all-terrain forklift to handle heavy loads in all environments. Multi-directional forklifts have replaced the side-loading formats, thanks to their flexibility and accuracy for moving long loads in all directions.


New and used forklifts for sale perth

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