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Investing in a quality forklift is one of the most worthwhile purchases you can make. The sheer versatility of their reliable design makes them one of the most useful and efficient pieces of machinery a company can own, be it a single vehicle or a fleet of forklifts in Perth.

Any industries relying on daily forklift use, such as logistics and manufacturing, should consider the value of new forklifts for longevity and fleet maintenance. 

Those concerned with cost can rely on the new cost-effective UX series from globally renowned forklift brand Yale, providing the ultimate material handling solution for all manner of retail and warehousing needs.


The evolved UX Series


The fiercely trusted Yale name, created by the reliable Adaptalift brand, has focused their innovation on creating an affordable forklift with all their respected premium structural design features and key serviceability.

The UX series focuses on a reliable performance and straightforward operation, making this Yale forklift offering – available in four counterbalance options from 2T to 3.5T – a solid option for a wide variety of uses. 

Smart engineering, single speed transmissions, and the ability to fit multiple different attachments and tynes makes the UX series a prime choice for forklifts in Bunbury, with three available fuel types (LPG, diesel, and dual fuel) further enhancing its adaptability. 


Reliable safety for forklifts in Perth


Due to the amount of use a typical warehouse forklift fleet gets, operated by multiple employees over the course of a week, it’s imperative to choose from safe, reliable forklifts for sale in Perth. 

Yale’s innovative UX series provides improved safety features in a cost-effective package, making it one of the most secure options available today.

  • An enhanced overhead guard (OHG) made from tough steel and strong glass offer vital protection for the operator and vehicle should any object fall on the forklift.
  • A smaller 300mm steering wheel allows for greater control and improved responsiveness when operating the forklift through narrow spaces. 
  • The wide view mast (720mm width outside) gives those at the controls clear visibility, reducing the risk of collisions and accidents.


Improved operator functionality


Expertly designed forklifts for sale in Perth are created to do the heavy lifting, making the shifting of products and warehouse management a breeze. However, given the manual operation required, an effective operator ergonomic is essential to its success.

Yale’s UX series introduces multiple improved features for reliable forklifts in Bunbury and Perth, enabling each operator to efficiently carry out tasks in ultimate comfort and safety:

  • An ergonomic steering wheel that can be adjusted to 8 varying degrees.
  • Clear step placement to easily access the drivers cabin.
  • A seat with full suspension and an inbuilt system detecting operator presence. 
  • Additional space between pedals ensures increased comfort of use without the risk of using the incorrect pedal.
  • Clear displays of warnings and important information are visible on a 3.5” LCD screen.


Premium Yale forklifts for sale in Perth


As long standing leading providers of premium new and used forklifts in Perth, Forkwest are trusted industry experts, with key insight into the safest, most ergonomically designed forklifts available from leading brands such as Yale.

Contact us today to discuss how your company can benefit from the Yale UX series, or for any queries about new or used forklifts in Bunbury and Perth.