Safety and Training

Comprehensive Training Programmes For All Forklift Operators


Forkwest was established in 1993 by Phil Baker

Forkwest, nothing is more important to us than our staff and clients’ safety and well being. We know injuries and accidents do happen, but we firmly believe that it can be prevented if forklift users strictly adhere to driving and safety protocols.

If you are well-trained in safety procedures, there is little risk when operating a forklift. We make sure everyone is responsible for their own safety, and that working conditions comply with all safety laws.

We are happy to provide a Risk Assessment, and Job Safety and Environmental Analysis (JSEA) for your worksite to ensure it is safety compliant. When you work with Forkwest you can work assured that all of our operators have completed the necessary training, and our equipment complies with all safety standards. This allows you to take care of business while we take care of the rest.


At Forkwest we believe in comprehensive training programmes for all forklift operators. Our training programmes assist learners to acquire all the theory and practicalities of operating a heavy duty lifter.

A forklift is a highly effective but dangerous material lifter. Our comprehensive training programmes will enable and certify your employees to operate a heavy lifter competently and safely.

Operators will undergo training in the following:

  • Identifying and classifying the material in question
  • Handling, loading and storing different types of material
  • Achieving efficient performance levels for all lifting equipment and attachments
  • Operating lifting equipment in accordance with organizational and legislative
    standards and procedures
  • Knowledge of the relevant support systems and emergency services

Please note, that in addition to their initial training, all operators are required to undergo periodic training to assess their current competency.



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