If you have the budget, it might be tempting to rush out and buy a brand new forklift for business. While this may seem the ideal option, it actually only makes sense if it is actually required to fulfil your company’s daily forklift requirements.


Considering whether to purchase a new or used forklift for sale Perth is a key business decision, whether you run a small family-owned operation or a large, multi-tiered organisation. Other options like forklift rental Perth can be a great alternative for those looking for lower upfront and maintenance costs.


Quality new forklift for sale WA

Purchasing a new forklift for sale Perth is a great choice for those with heavy-duty requirements operating daily. With long-term warranties averaging 12-36 months, a new forklift offers high productivity and less down time to ensure reliable activity every shift


With premium quality new Merlo forklifts Perth, as well as highly durable Merlo telehandlers Perth, Forkwest provides only the best pieces of machinery to our valued customers. For those with particular requirements around a specific mast height, accessories, or a matching fleet for ease of maintenance, a new forklift can be the perfect option.


Premium used forklifts for sale Perth

When looking at getting a quality used forklift for sale in WA, consider how many hours of use it will get a day. If you’re looking at less than four hours in a single shift, a quality used forklift could be a great option.


It’s imperative however, to choose a reliable piece of machinery in great shape, like a Merlo telehandler Perth. Working with experienced and reputable sellers like Forkwest means quality is guaranteed with thorough safety checks and a warranty, with no risk of dodgy used equipment like with an individual seller.


Reliable forklift hire Perth WA

For some companies deciding between purchasing a new or used forklift, it’s worth considering forklift rental Perth instead. After taking the full cost into consideration, such as maintenance, spare parts, and the time it takes to complete a purchase, forklift hire Perth may become a better decision for your company.


Opting to rent a premium piece of machinery like Merlo forklifts Perth comes with lower upfront and maintenance prices, and allows you to cut costs during slow periods of business by returning the rental. This is also a good path for those companies with limited credit, who can still easily access efficient newer models.


New and used forklifts for sale Perth

As long-standing providers of excellent new and used forklifts for sale WA, Forkwest are the reliable choice to work with for quality forklifts and superior customer service.


With all the top brands available for both purchase and forklift hire Perth, as well as efficient  repairs, maintenance, and immediate service provided by our experienced team, we’re proud to supply all key industries here in WA with quality forklifts.


To query about a new or used forklift, get in touch now, or give us a call on 0897254970.