Getting your hands on a reliable forklift makes for an indispensable addition to any industrial business. Quality new or used forklifts are highly sought after, with a vast amount of organisations requiring them to move goods and heavy materials – from warehouses and stockrooms to manufacturing and shipping.


The following guide outlines how to acquire the best new and used forklifts for sale in Perth, and key attributes to look for when sourcing an essential piece of forklift machinery. 

New VS used forklifts for sale in Perth

Used forklifts can be an irreplaceable-yet-affordable asset once purchased from a reliable supplier like Forkwest. With careful upkeep and regular maintenance, a used forklift can save you money upfront and over time. 


New forklifts tend to be a better option for those requiring a full fleet of handling equipment for use every single day. Whether you opt for gas or electric forklifts in Perth, premium Merlo forklifts in Perth will cost more upfront, but go the distance with minimal issues. 

Attributes of a quality forklift for sale in WA

With plenty of brands, dealers, and functionalities to choose from, it’s important to choose the right forklifts in Bunbury or Perth for your particular needs. The following tips help clarify your key attributes to focus on when making the decision. 

Consider fuel options

With multiple fuel options to choose from – eclectic, diesel, gasoline, LP gas – it’s worthwhile clarifying your main application to select the right fuel type. Gas models tend to be stronger and more durable. Opting for an electric model like Yale forklifts in Perth means investing in a quieter, low-maintenance design that’s also eco-friendly.

Check the tires

The terrain your forklift will be operating on should determine the right type of tires for your needs; from pneumatic and foam-filled tires for uneven outdoor terrain, to cushion tires for indoor use.

Know the rated capacity

The higher the capacity the more a forklift can lift. Understanding the max weight you require to be lifted is vital, but bear in mind the rated capacity influences the cost for both new and used forklifts.

Consider lift height

If you need a forklift capable of reaching the highest shelf in your warehouse, you need to choose one with a taller lift height. Check any applicable height restriction, taking into account the forklift’s collapsed height as well (when it’s at its lowest).

Does it have a warranty?

Reliable dealers will provide warranties for both new and used forklifts – an important document for both buyers and sellers. Read the fine print, and check whether major component repairs are covered for at least one year.

A trusted dealer for forklifts in Bunbury and Perth

Finding a reputable supplier of quality forklifts for sale is crucial when making this investment. As well as providing you with reliable equipment at competitive prices, Forkwest provides ongoing maintenance, repairs, and support for forklifts in Perth.

Find reliable gas and electric forklifts in Perth

As long-standing provider of premium forklifts for sale in WA, Forkwest is a specialist supplier of leading brands for new and used forklifts in Bunbury and Perth.


Browse Forkwests wide range of new Merlo forklifts in Perth and Yale forklifts in Perth, as well as quality used forklifts. Contact us today with any queries.